Do Antioxidants, Color and Your Health Go Together?

Antioxidants are competing on your well being, imagine it or not.

Pure antioxidants come from the completely different meals we eat. The more energizing the fruit, the higher for our well being.

Recent meals delivers the vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, nutritional vitamins and fiber our our bodies want and these are absorbed in line with these wants and the remaining is eradicated. The eliminating aspect is likely one of the main benefits pure meals has over dietary supplements; one other is the standard of the vitamins.

Now nature has developed over tens of millions of years, and dwelling organisms have survived by getting their act collectively. So after we say “mom nature is aware of finest”, we’re stating a truism.

Residing organisms need to feed and reproduce in an effort to survive and on this survival recreation completely different methods have advanced. For instance, parasites reside off the host organism.

There may be one other pleasant technique “referred to as symbiosis” that means the connection between two completely different species the place every positive factors advantages from the opposite.

And that is the place meals, coloration and your well being are joined collectively.


  • Take a blueberry. When ripe it’s juicy and tastes very good. You (and some different mammals, birds and bugs – who additionally use their sense of odor) can inform it’s ripe for choosing by its coloration. Now the blueberry, being a sensible berry that has survived hundreds of years, desires you to eat it and its brother berries, so it provides tasty issues that will even feed you. These tasty issues will embody nutritional vitamins, vitamins and antioxidants, so you’ll come again for extra.
  • Take a strawberry. The identical factor will occur. Now each the strawberry and the blueberry need to be eaten so their seeds could be unfold round. However a brand new factor is in play. They’re competing for your online business. The strawberries and the blueberries need to make themselves enticing to you. They’ve completely different colours, completely different tastes however in addition they have completely different nutritional vitamins and antioxidants that you just additionally want.
  • Carrots seem like in a distinct sport, however similar to these berries, they’ve a distinct coloration, completely different vitamins, completely different tastes. They usually give you completely different advantages that your physique wants.
  • And the listing goes on.


How can this profit you?

It’s fairly easy, nature has arrange a coloration code so that you can comply with. So take recent natural meals, combine it by colours and your antioxidant wants can be taken care of. Do you actually assume that processed meals, sweet and juices use colours by coincidence?

At completely different occasions you will see that sure meals enticing due to their hex color code. That is your physique speaking to you because of hundreds of years of build up genetic reminiscence.

Hearken to it, on the finish of the day it actually is aware of finest.

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